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See exactly what your turf is feeling.

POGO shows you what's happening below the surface, across the entire green.

It brings pure science and precision to the art of turf management, using a patented sensor, automated analysis and visual reporting.

POGO helps you achieve consistently perfect turf while optimizing water and fertilizer use.

The best interface to the POGO is the one already in your pocket.


Sample & Log

Log 4 soil parameters (5 with POGO Pro+) and the precise location (within 1 m or 3 ft.) with every sample. Simply stick the POGO in the turf and tap the “Add Sample” button. Each new moisture, salinity (EC), salinity index and temperature sample is color-coded according to your customized optimal and warning ranges.


Pin Mapping

Use the GPS to find past pin locations, and set where you want today’s and future pin locations to be placed. Cross-reference against past and predicted moisture and EC data to ensure you’re selecting optimal locations.


Course Overview

Full satellite mapping functionality that you already know how to use—pinch to zoom, drag to pan, etc. View the current moisture, EC, salinity index and temperature conditions for the entire course, then zoom in to the trouble spots.