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Where we were born

We were born in the eighties in one of the most arid regions of Europe. This scarcity of water has marked our business vision until today: to promote "The Culture of Water", valuing the water and environmental resources of the environment.

About us

Currently, we are a global company with headquarters in Spain and subsidiaries in India, Mexico, Brazil, China and Singapore, backed by more than thirty years of experience. We are present in more than 100 countries with a team of more than 500 people around the world.


What do we do

Our vocation is the development of technology for the efficient management of water, promoting constant technological innovation for the development of new products.

What we bring

  • Close and lasting collaboration with our clients.

  • Team of dynamic and multicultural professionals.

  • Specialization and technical service.


Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety

Pioneers in the protection of the environment

Our compromise with the environment is another of the principals of  AZUD activity.

AZUD was one of the first companies in the sector in introducing the environmental management system, certified under ISO 14002 standard. Furthermore, the company invests every year in measures that favor the environment and promote the correct management of waste materials and recycling. 


Maximum quality

All AZUD organization is oriented to keep the technical Standard of the highest quality, based on ISO 9001 Standard.


Occupational Health and Safety

AZUD has always maintained Occupational Risk Prevention as a priority in its processes, dedicating many resources to its control and improvement. With the implementation and certification of an Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) management system, in accordance with the international standard ISO 45001, AZUD intends not only to advance its philosophy but to accredit and evidence all the work carried out in this countryside.


Information on Environmental Performance

AZUD, in compliance with the requirements of its Quality System; Environment and Safety and Health at Work (SICMA and SST), maintains at the disposal of Interested Parties updated information on the Environmental Performance of the organization. This information can be requested through the communication channels enabled for this purpose, these contact details: / +34 968 80 84 02.


Information for Interested Parties (Suppliers and Subcontractors)

AZUD, complying with the requirements of its SICMA and SST, informs its Suppliers and Subcontractors aspects and criteria that they must take into account, specifically:

-Environmental awareness, pollution prevention, and commitment to Occupational Health and Safety (OSH), by suppliers and subcontractors, will be taken into account as hiring criteria.

-The requirements, specifications, and controls required for purchased items will be included in the Official Technical Sheets (FTO) provided by AZUD as part of the Purchasing process. For those purchases that do not require this document, the controls to be carried out by AZUD will be based on:

-Checking references and quantities.

-Visual inspections, as well as tests and controls necessary to verify the technical specifications declared by the manufacturers.

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